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About Us

Meet Susan and Jason Smith, the owners of Greenleaf Self StorageSeeing a gap in the market we first thought of building a self storage facility with a commitment to excellence while still in college. Eight years later we accomplished this goal when we built our first facility. More than 22 years later we have become more focused on filling gaps in the market and meeting the needs of today's storage customer along with a continued commitment to excellent customer service. 

The Smiths are both natives of Oconee County and have been married since 1998. They love serving in their church and with the Emerson Rose Heart Foundation, which they founded after their first daughter, Emerson Rose, died from a heart defect. In their free time, they enjoy boating, hiking, and other outdoor activities with their daughters, Rowan and Campbell Jane.

Exclusive Provider of Total Climate Control with HUMI-SHIELD®

Because it's not just the cold or the heat, it's also the humidity.

At Greenleaf Self Storage we are excited to be the exclusive provider in our market of the Total Climate Control (TCC) with HUMI-SHIELD® system for all of our climate controlled units. TCC with HUMI-SHIELD® offers an unparalleled storage environment with the comfort and benefits of monitored temperature and humidity control in one place. Independently regulating both humidity and temperature is necessary to reduce the likelihood of mold, mildew, dust mites and corrosion. The technology behind HUMI-SHIELD® has been successfully utilized in environments ranging from commercial indoor gardening to military applications for decades. Now, Greenleaf is pleased to bring it directly to our customers.

During the coolest parts of the day (morning and evening) that humidity is the highest. Alternatively, it is during the warmest parts of the day (late morning and afternoon) that humidity is actually at its lowest. This is because warm air can retain much more moisture than cool air. As air cools, relative humidity rises until the air is no longer able to hold all the water vapor and it condenses on cooler objects such as condensation on a mirror after a hot shower or dew on grass in the morning. This can occur within self storage that doesn't have independent humidity control and those items in storage will be the resting place for this harmful water vapor.

Greenleaf Self Storage is committed to excellence. By providing our customers Total Climate Control (TCC) with HUMI-SHIELD® we employ a two-front strategy, because it's not just the cold or the heat, it's also the humidity.