When can I access my unit?

Greenleaf Self-Storage is accessible between 6am and 10pm each day. Customers have 24hr access to their
online account to rent a unit, make a payment, schedule a move out, etc.

How do I pay for my unit?

A recurring billing account is set up at the time of rental. Invoices are sent the end of each month and
payments are taken by debit/credit cards on the first of each month.

There is a problem with my unit. What can I do?

Contact Greenleaf at 866-241-9623. We seek to provide the best storage experience around and are ready
to help troubleshoot any issues you may have with your unit or our system. If we are not able to assist on the phone, we will place a work order for maintenance to assist during their next visit.

My unit is overlocked. What can I do?

This may occur if your account has an overdue balance or an improper lock or no lock was placed on the unit.
Please check to make sure you have used a disc lock and are current on payments for your unit. Please call
our office with any questions.

How do I cancel my lease?

You can cancel your lease at any time. You can do so by scheduling a move out through your account on our
website or contacting us via phone or email.

Do you offer tenant insurance?

Please keep in mind that although we take necessary steps to ensure that this facility is clean, maintained
and has quarterly pest control, ultimately it is your responsibility, as a tenant, to ensure that your items are
protected and stored correctly. There are several ways to prevent damage when storing your items such as
applying protective mattress/furniture bags for storage & moving, elevating your items so that your items
are not directly on the storage floor, properly securing/wrapping your items, as to avoid possible pest
infiltration. To further assist with pest control, we included in our rental agreement that there are
Tenant Renters Insurance is always something that you, as a renter, should consider when storing your
items. Even though our rental agreements DO NOT REQUIRE that you purchase tenant insurance, we still
believe that you should weigh the pros & cons of acquiring private tenant insurance or that you purchase
storage insurance that we have available, should you desire that added measure of security and peace of

I want to transfer units. What do I do?

Contact us by phone and we can help you transfer units in minutes.

I lost the key to my lock. What should I do?

Contact our office and our maintenance team will remove the lock within 1 to 5 business days. We will place a combination lock on your unit and email you the code. There is a cost of $40 for lock removal and a new lock. If you need immediate attention, please call our office to see if a maintenance person is scheduled to be on site that day or if you need immediate assistance, please call a locksmith.

I am late paying my rent. What can I expect?

Please refer to your lease agreement for specific delinquency dates and associated delinquency fees.